Lemon WaterMany people have made drinking warm or cold lemon water a part of their daily morning ritual. It is away to maintain a healthy body, cleanse, and promote weight loss and healthy skin. Lemon water contains nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium and fiber. However along with all the healthy benefits there are side effects if you drink too much of it.

The acid in lemons may affect people who have a sensitive stomach. Too much acidity in the stomach may irritate mucus membranes. You should drink lemon water for 6-8 weeks in the spring and fall to cleanse the body, or when you feel congested. Drinking lemon or lime water all year round can cause you to have health issues.

  • GERD and Ulcers: GERD is gastroesphageal reflux disorder. Symptoms are triggered by fatty, spicy or acidic foods. Lemon can flare GERD symptoms because the acid from the lemon juice can irritate the esophageal lining. If you suffer from ulcers, too much lemon or lime water can irritate the lining of the stomach causing discomfort and stopping the condition from healing.
  • Tooth Erosion: Having many glasses of lemon or lime water daily can cause tooth erosion. The constant amount of acid over the teeth can cause the tooth enamel to erode and make teeth sensitive to hot or cold foods.
  • Heartburn: Heartburn causes pain and burning in your chest and throat1 and at times may feel like you’re having a heart attack. Drinking too much lemon water may trigger heartburn or make this condition worse.
  • Gallbladder, kidney and Liver Problems: Drinking too much lemon or lime water may cause you to have challenges with some of your organs; specifically gallbladder, kidney and liver. Lemon and lime peels contain oxalates, over consumption of oxalates can cause health problems with these organs.

If you want to avoid the side effects of over consuming lemon water drink it during the seasons I mention above. You will still get the health benefits without the side effects. Moderation is the key to a healthy and vibrant life!

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