I’m super excited that summer is almost here; I don’t know about you but after the cold winter and spring that just passed I’m ready to get outside and enjoy the lovely weather.  Summer brings with it hot sunny days that makes you Summer Kayakingwant to be outdoors.  During the summer there are so many fun summer exercises and sports you can do instead of being locked up in a gym.  Summer is the perfect time to get out and have fun and do the things we just can’t do during the winter months, that also includes getting your workouts outside. Some people get caught up with the idea that the exercise has to be a consistent 30 minutes; recreational activities can also be exercise. I love doing recreational activities that involved being in the water and summer is the perfect time to spend time in rivers, lakes, oceans and pools.

  • Swimming or treading water is a great way to work the cardiovascular system.
  • Canoeing for an all-over body workout.
  • Water aerobics perfect for sensitive joints.
  • Kayaking is a great abs, arms, shoulder and back workout. Your legs also work as stabilizers. So in essence you’re also working the legs.
  • Pool Volley ball is super fun and a great cardio, arms, and shoulder workout.
  • Playing ball in the water; go waist deep in the river, lake or pool and see how far you can throw the ball to your friend or family member. Great shoulders, cardio and oblique workout.
  • Swimming races in the pool is a great cardio and all over body work out.
  • Flutter kicks in the pool. hold on to the edge of the pool, a floating noodle or any pool floating device. Put it under your arms and do flutter kicks. This is great for your hamstrings and quadriceps.

During the summer you don’t need to be bored or locked inside a gym to get your workout. Enjoy the weather, stay cool in the water and create fun summer memories with family and friends while getting your exercise. Your body will thank you.

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