The connection between the gut and autoimmune disease has been the topic of many articles on-line. It’s important to remember that the gastrointestinal tract (The Gut) is 80% of our immune system. Whenever inflammation Lupus and The Giutis present, the tight junctions and intestinal mucosa can become damaged, causing gaps or “pores” in the lining of the GI tract.1

Those toxins in the digestive tract can be absorbed into the bloodstream and transported to the liver.2   This allows food particles and toxins through the junctions of the gut creating an autoimmune response in the body.  If your gut is not healthy you will have a war in your system. The immune system will put on a full attack because it will view those toxins and food particles in the gut as foreign invaders, which they are.

The molecules of food and toxins are “leaked” through the GI lining and eventually they affect systems throughout the body, causing joint inflammation, toxins expressed in skin disorders, autoimmune conditions and food sensitivities.

A large number of people with auto-immune diseases suffer from “leaky gut” or some sort of intestinal challenge, or poor gut health.  Research studies show there is a direct link with lack of breast feeding and auto-immune diseases. A recent investigation revealed that human breast milk contains higher concentrations of proteins that support gastrointestinal system, immune system, and neurological development.3

We needed our mother’s milk and colostrum when we are babies to build our own good bacteria.  Many people especially those born in the 60’s & 70’s were not fed their mother’s breast milk and did not get the colostrum they needed to heal their gut and as adults end up with digestive issues.  This is not true for all of those who were not breast fed, but the studies show the numbers for those with gut health challenges were larger for those who weren’t breast fed.

You cannot make up for it by taking colostrum as an adultWhen we are babies we have little holes in the gut, the colostrum from our mother’s milk fills those holes in and seals the gut, it builds healthy micro bile and fills the holes with healthy bacteria. Lack of breast feeding and colostrum leads to a unhealthy gut. A recent investigation revealed that human breast milk contains higher concentrations of proteins that support gastrointestinal system, immune system, and neurological development

One of the many things that damage our digestive health is chemically laden foods, too much sugar, and other not soo healthy foods, overuse of antibiotics, and other medications that wreck havoc on our digestive system.

So what can you do to heal your gut/digestion?

Take a good quality probiotic and make bone stock.  Bone stocks are rich in collagen and collagen heals and support the strength of the intestinal wall. You can make chicken, beef or fish stock. (Go to my recipe section for bone stock recipes). You have to drink it every day on a daily basis, the collagen is very healing to the gut.

Also eat mucilaginous foods and fermented foods such as sauerkraut, Kefir, pickled cucumbers, Korean Kimchi  just to name a few. Mucilaginous foods helps soothe and cool down the inflammation of the gut.   Other mucilaginous foods are okra, chia seeds, flax seeds, oats, aloe vera, psyllium seed, seaweed, or sea vegetables just to name a few.

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