A lot of holiday food is unhealthy. Delicious but unhealthy.

And a bit of unhealthy food here and there is okay but around the holiday season, we have so many different food-focused gatherings that “here and there” becomes a lot more frequent. Not only are we eating more fatty and indulgent foods during the holidays, but we also tend to eat larger portions at holiday meals than we would at a regular meal!

Here are a few simple Holiday Hacks to help you throw a little more healthy eating back into the holiday feasting.

  • Choose larger portions of fresh leafy greens and vegetables and smaller portions of starchy and cheese sides.  And allow yourself time to feel full before going back for seconds.
  • Squash instead of potatoes or sweet potatoes- Lower calorie and still delivers calcium, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins.
  • Natural cranberries instead of canned cranberry sauce- Using natural cranberries allows you to control the amount of sugar and avoid all of the additives in the canned sauce.
  • Skip the green bean casserole and go with roasted green beans- Green bean casseroles are delicious but very high in salt, fat, and calories. Enjoying green beans without all of that added is a healthier alternative.
  • Pay attention to portions.

Nutrition is all about making healthy choices.