Mindful eating is learning how to eat with conscious, non-judgmental awareness. So, I eat when I am hungry, and stop when I am full, which is easier said than done. It’s using your common sense when you eat and not getting lost in the activity of cramming food down your mouth just to eat. For example, eating the cookies on the table just because they are there while you chat with your friend. Mindful eating is also eating to meet our physical needs, not our emotional needs. Too often, especially around the holidays, we tend to eat emotionally due to physical, mental, and emotional stress all this mindless eating can add pounds to your body which linger long after the holidays are over.

It’s almost an unspoken tradition for most people to gain those extra unwanted holiday pounds. It’s time to break that tradition and start mindful eating and finally win the battle of the holiday bulge!

Try these mindful eating tips for a healthier holiday season that will carry over to the New Year.

  • Eat breakfast: People who eat breakfast every day eat less throughout the day than those who don’t eat breakfast.
  • Use small plates: Eating from a small plate or drinking from a small cup will allow you to eat and drink less.
  • Eat before you go out: I always do this. Try eating a healthy snack one hour before you go to the holiday party or gathering. This allows you to be in control of your appetite and make wiser food choices as opposed to eating everything and anything.
  • Never deprive yourself: Making certain foods forbidden only makes it more appealing. Tell yourself that you are allowed to have your favorite foods in moderation. When you allow yourself, you will have less of a tendency to overeat.
  • Savor your food: Mindful eating means tasting your food, eating slowly, savoring the flavors, and enjoying the texture of your favorite food for a delectable experience that will fill you on every level.
  • Physical activity: Most of us during the holiday season barely get a chance to go to the gym or participate in some sort of physical activity. This holiday season try finding alternative ways to stay physical such as taking a walk after dinner, going for a morning or afternoon jog, hiking.
  • Watch your alcohol intake: Alcohol has a lot of calories and can put on those extra holiday pounds.
  • Have a glass of water for every glass of alcohol to help you from having a possible hangover the next day.

As you learn to eat mindfully you will change the behavior of eating on auto-pilot. Learning to savor your foods and enjoy them will create a better eating experience all around and give you greater results of eating less and feeling full faster without feeling like you have been deprived.