Let’s face it January is all about personal development and self improvement as we make resolutions to help better ourselves on many levels. Many of the resolutions we make have to do with exercisinhappy coupleg more, eating better, saving money, or stopping a bad habit.  So many personal resolutions we forget about creating resolutions to improve our relationship with our partner.  Relationships are never easy but there are things you can do to help improve your relationship. I have created a list from my own personal experiences that helped me create an amazing relationship.

  •  Communication – Without communication your relationship is doomed from day one!  We have all heard the relationship experts say “communicate with your partner”, but how many of us really do that?  Your partner will never know what you want or don’t want if you don’t communicate it. Tell your partner in a loving way what’s on your mind. If your partner does something that makes you feel uncomfortable or bad express it.  Don’t use “You”statements use “I” statements. For example it your partner forgets your anniversary instead of saying “You’re a jerk for forgetting our anniversary”  say “I felt very hurt, unloved and uncared for when you forgot our anniversary”. When you speak from your heart you and your partner may be able to communicate on a different level.
  • Don’t make assumptions – Don’t ever assume you know what your partner is thinking, feeling or wants. Unless you’re a mind reader there is no way you know what’s on your partners mind, no matter how well you think you know him or her.  Don’t assume just because you have been in the relationship a length of time that your partner knows what you want, feel or think. Always ask, you may be surprised to find out what you assumed was the wrong thing. Goes back to #1 Communicate!
  • Be grateful – When we’ve been in a relationship for a long time or we get comfortable in a relationship we forget to show gratitude for all our partner does for us. Always say “Thank you” for all your partner does for you. Appreciation goes a long way and it makes your partner feel good!
  •  Be supportive – Be supportive of your partners dreams and goals. Celebrate his or her achievements.  Listen to each other, give each other your full support and attention when each one has something to share.
  • Alone time – Everyone needs a little time for themselves. Give your partner some down time to read a book, go to the gym, socialize with friends, or just take a nap. Don’t get angry at your partner when he or she needs some down time.
  • Trust – Trust your partner.  If you don’t trust your partner you should reconsider whether or not you want to be in a relationship with someone you don’t trust.
  • Have Sex – According to relationship experts ” Sex is one of the connections that help hold a relationship together.” If you have been in a relationship for a while and sex has become a bit of a bore get creative! Don’t be afraid to try something new, role playing, wearing a sexy outfit, ladies can throw on sexy lingerie and a man can get romantic and sexy as well. Whatever you and and partner feel comfortable doing and experiencing together. Make it fun!
  • Be honest – A healthy relationship is based on trust and honesty. Most of us lie to avoid arguments.  However, in the long run it will be detrimental to your relationship. Always come clean, be honest with your partner. Your partner will most likely understand and it may bring you closer together.
  • Learn to forgive and forget – This is easier said than done. Always remember we are not perfect and we will make mistakes.  Just like you would want your partner to forgive you for any mistakes you make, you should do the same.  Be willing to forget once you forgive. Move forward and leave it in the past.  Don’t  use any past mistakes your partner has made as a weapon for any disagreements in the future, in other words don’t bring it up again, let it go!
  • Laugh – Always find time to laugh, have fun and be silly with your partner. You may end up showing a side of you your partner has never seen and may enjoy!
  • Take care of yourself – Always look good for yourself and maintain your health through eating healthy, exercising, positive thinking, and keep yourself well groomed.  It will make you feel good and it’s a great confidence booster!

Most partners want to please each other and be loved. Make 2016happy couple the beginning of a happier, healthier relationship on many levels.  You and your partner deserve it!